For all your reptile heating needs

We haven’t changed our brands, in a long time, we will be looking to see what we can and can’t get from our suppliers once lock down levels reduce.

ReptaPet Ceramic Heat Bulb 150 WReptaCeraHeat

ReptaCeraHeat ceramic radiant heaters produce intense heat in the infra-red wave band and is excellently suited to increasing the temperature in the terrarium



Repta Pet Safety Cage with LeadReptaSafetyCage

An essential component of all enclosures with exposed basking, reflector or heat lamps. ReptaRoundCages are specifically designed to prevent burns or physical trauma to your reptiles via exposed lights. This basket will surround the heat source and prevent any reptiles from potentially fatal contact. Also will reduce and even prevent injury from globe blowouts. Designed with wire heat tested to 200 degrees, a hinged lid allows ease of use for changing bulbs.


Repta Pet Thermostat with a Stainless Steel ProbeReptaProbeThermostat

ReptaProbeThermostat is an electronic thermostat for the safety of you & your pets. Ideal for use in conjunction with basking lamps,heating cables, heat mats,heat rocks & ceramic heat emitters. 2000W 0°C-40°C