For all your reptile lighting needs we recommend the below products are used


Lucky Reptile Compact UVB 15 W
Lucky Reptile Compact Sun UV Lamps are small and self ballasted versions of the Lucky Reptile Fluorescent tube lights. The Lucky Reptile Compacts require a regular screw fitting to operate. The spectrum of light provides a warm and natural appearance to your vivarium or terrarium. The Lucky Reptile Compacts provide sufficient levels of UV for all reptile species. The UVB is effective up to 50cm away from the bulb surface. The Lucky Reptile Compact lamps are produced in Europe and use high quality components.All Compact lights should be on for around 10 – 12 hours a day to give a day and night cycle for your reptile. Other Items Required: Screw Fixing Suitable for: Use in place of a Fluorescent tube All set ups

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Repta Pet Lead Ceramic FittingReptaLeadEdisonFitting


ReptaPets Repta Ceramic HolderSingle With Lead and Spacer is perfect for the DIY with a single ceramic lamp holder with Bakelite Heat resistant insulator, IEC plug and plastic flap, ready to install and use